We love our students and our students love us. See what Siva Yoga with Danielle students have to say about our classes:

“When the student is ready, the master appears” Buddhist Proverb
I wanted to let you know that I feel I am moving in the right direction with each class, the possibilities are endless. All thanks to you & your team for the most part. I highly recommend Siva Yoga, come to a class – you will not be disappointed! -M

Yoga with Danielle is good for me, a restorative, curative and preventative overall healthful therapy. It is physical and spiritual ‘medicine’ in the best sense of the word. Danielle is an excellent teacher. -RSA

Prenatal yoga changed my whole pregnancy experience! I started yoga before my third pregnancy and wanted to continue once I got pregnant. During my second trimester, I started taking prenatal classes. It kept me in a positive frame of mind, allowing me time each week to focus on my baby and the beauty of my pregnancy. It gave me the strength and determination to have an all-natural birth as a result of the goal setting that is a part of the prenatal yoga process. The breathing techniques kept me calm and focussed and the positions allowed me to take each contraction as it came. I also believe it to be a contributing factor in the calm, relaxed demeanor of my baby. Thank you Danielle for giving me the tools to accomplish one of the most beautiful and life changing moments I will ever experience! -AM


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Julia Hitchcock is offering a herb share at the Apothecary gardens in Westdale:

Its a good black walnut year - they are throwing themselves at us. On Thursday September 14th from 6pm-7pm we will talk about harvesting and processing black walnuts into food and medicine - and have hands on experience shucking, cracking and tasting. Its also hawthorn, heart medicine season, another of the tastiest berries
around that few people know to eat - those trees are not at the garden but I will bring some for all to try. I will have this year's elderberry syrup for cold season, borage tincture for restoring the adrenals and more. Free for all to attend, please share widely.
Thanks, Julia
Apothecary's Garden, 85 Oak knoll Dr. Hamilton (in where the Aviary is on a corner of Churchill Park)

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Hello fellow Yogis,
This Friday my family and I will be making our yearly supply of tomato sauce.

Our yoga class will be cancelled.

I will keep you posted on our schedule for the new year.

All the best, Danielle

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On my way to yoga at OHSO on Locke st S, class starts at 8:15 😀! ...

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